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Amazing natural products

I brought a jar of amazing bees honey and a tin of the radiant desire lip balm and I was blown away at the quality. I am a nurse and suffer with hand eczema and this balm smells wonderful and has helped me loads! The honey is so delicious with some green tea would definitely recommend to anyone!

Khadija Iman

Wonderful product

I purchased a small 4g container of Radiant Desire to test the product. I had a VERY sore, itchy eye as I was starting a small sty. I used some of the contents and was super amazed to find that not only did the itch disappear but the pain was also removed. I applied the balm frequently and have been pain and itch free for a week. I will continue to use this incredible balm for all medicinal needs eg spots and cuts etc as it is so soothing. Thank you Christian for developing this fantastic product and may your business go from strength to strength. I can highly recommend this incredible product to every one who needs a bit of luxurious comfort. Rosemary.

Rosemary Peerless Ellert


I have been using Sunset Glow for a few months. I started on lips but now use it across my entire face, daily (and after shaving too). My skin has never ever felt or looked better. And my even wife says I look younger too. Result!!! Big thanks Christian. You have created an amazing product.

Ben Slater

Highly recommend Christian and his products

Christian is so warm, open and friendly with his knowledge and years of experience with bees.
Highly recommend him and his products

Rachel Wood


This balm adds moisture to dry hands, especially after using all the antibacterial gels, sprays and wipes.

Nick Dunn

The best lip balm I have used

This is the best lip balm I have used, and I’ve tried a lot of standard lip balms and beeswax ones like Burt’s Bees. The consistency is great – it’s not oily, slippy, or thick – so it goes on really easily and stays on. The aroma also isn’t overpowering which I appreciate, but it is still noticeable enough for you to enjoy it. It’s part of my night time ritual now, and looking into the product more has also taught more about the benefits of traditional bee keeping!


Amazing balm!

Bought Lavender Embrace balm about a week ago and wow it is amazing! I have very dry lips and hands (especially in winter), and this balm has been a saviour! Such a gentle and hydrating balm, smells amazing too!


Simply Propolis Balm, highly recommend!

Simply propolis balm is wonderful, highly recommend!

Grace Dunn